Book Publishers in Northamptonshire

All your life you have wanted to write and finally you have completed your book. Perhaps it is a novel, or a non-fiction book; either way I know how you feel. I am the resident in-house author and I help to run 3P Publishing. I understand exactly what it is like to look at a keyboard, then the screen then get up and make another cup of coffee. I also understand the joy of the rare days when 3000 words fly from your fingertips. I understand the frustration of not being able to find the ending of a book and the joy of holding that same book in my hands.

Which brings us to you. You are sitting at home, or at work, or on a beach in Thailand, with a completed manuscript. You have had it rejected by an agent or publisher or you have had it accepted by someone who wants to take money off of you for the privilege of publishing it and then giving you a small amount of the profits. Or maybe you have no idea at all of how to make it happen, but you have thought about self publishing and then asked “how the hell do you do that?”

Which is why 3P Publishing exists. For people just like you. As you browse the site take a look at the author page; all of us once asked the same questions you have now. If you’ve self-published before and don’t want the hassle of going through that again we would love to talk to you as well. Perhaps you are even one of those who has been traditionally published and this time around you would like to keep some of the money for yourself. If you fall into any of these categories then 3P Publishing can help you.

You will have questions so please call us on 01536 560 410 or drop us a line at

We love helping authors to see their books into print and would love you to be part of our canon.