For Authors By Authors

Tap, tap, tap came the sound as her hands skipped across the keyboard. For a moment she looked down at the left-hand corner of her screen and she saw that it had been a good day. 2672 words it was proclaiming. She had felt it had been a good day and now her brain was starting to feel a little spent, as if every creative thought had gone into those 2672 words. It was at that moment that the doubt crept in. How was this possible? A moment before her hands had been like a whirlwind flying across the keys and the story poured from her. In that moment of personal interruption, the doubt came back. And one question filled her mind:

Who will want to read this? Then another: Why would anyone hand over hard-earned cash to read my work? And that was before the biggest question of all? How will I get it published? If you know what this feels like, and if you’re an author, I know that you do, then I’m glad you’ve found us.

And what makes us unique? Yes, us in the plural. 3P is a partnership supported by a wonderful staff. We know you could have looked at other publishers, but here you are anyway. That this is a publishing company founded by an author and that means we know the questions you have: how do I get my book in bookshops? How do I find readers? How much shall I sell my book for? Where do ISBNs come from? Do I need one?

We know you have a thousand questions and that each answer will give you another question. Which is why I’m glad you’ve found us. The answers lie within, so come on in, take a look around and when you want to know more email us, or even better, give us a call on 01536 560410.