The Team

Caroline Snelling

Master of Pennies

At the heart of every successful business is someone who understands finance and processes. In 3P it is Caroline. As one of the two founding partners, Caroline keeps a cool head and makes sure everyone gets paid on time. With a fascination for engineering and riding on a combine harvester, it makes perfect sense that she takes care of the order and chaos that can exist in a business. As the business has continued to grow it is Caroline that has formulated many of the systems that keep everything flowing.

Andy Gibney

Master of Ideas

The other side of the coin. Andy wrote the first two books that kicked off the enterprise that became 3P Publishing. The love of books and a matching birthday were the tentacles that drew Caroline and Andy together to form the company – he is the other founding partner. Andy’s strengths lie in the creative areas of writing and marketing; two essentials for the modern author. He can be relied upon to quote random historical stories that are usually gruesome and an ability to remember dates that have little interest to most people that he talks to.

Lauren Butler

Master of Precision

With an eye for detail Lauren takes care of the layout and proof-reading. Spotting the missing full-stops and misspelt worms. (Just kidding.) She is the one who will make your book look like, well, a book. An adventurer at heart, don’t ask her about her trip along the Oregon Trail. She wasn’t eaten by a bear, we were pleased about this, but something else definitely got to her. She found Ben Nevis a safer option.

Rachel Denton

Master of Grammar

Eagle-eyed and pedantic are excellent qualities for an editor and Rachel has them in abundance. With many years experience, Rachel can spot a mis-quoted quote from a mile off. As for a semi-colon in the wrong place or a random capital letter Rachel will hunt it down and correct if for the good of mankind. A mum of two, Rachel is used to tidying up someone else’s mess and making it look good.

Marie-Louise O’Neill

Master of Design

Don’t judge a book by its cover says many a fool. Everyone judges a book by its cover and that’s especially true of readers. Making sure that your cover catches the eye is Marie-Louise. A thinker, a creator and an excellent graphic designer means you’ll get something truly striking – which is exactly what you want.

Simon Langham

Master of the Web

This website you are reading wouldn’t be possible without Simon. He has guided us through the twists and turns of coding and design and brought us the bright and beautiful site you see before you. With an unhealthy interest in Star Wars and Lego we do fear for his sanity but we are assured that the geeks will inherit the Earth so we are happy to be in his hands.

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