About Us

In a remarkable case of serendipity the directors of 3P Publishing, Caroline Snelling and Andy Gibney, not only share a love of books, but also the same birthday: 24th February. It was this happy coincidence that lent itself to the company name. (We'll explain more about that in the knowledge centre.)

Based in the Corby Enterprise Centre, near Weldon in Northamptonshire, our team includes editors, proof-readers and cover designers as well as our accountant and web developer. Caroline runs the online bookshop and implements the processes and systems, while Andy is the author liaison and creative force. It is a partnership which works well, in a yin-yang way.

The love of books is what shines through, whether that's Ladybird Books of the 1950's and 1960's to the books of Bill Bryson, Donna Tartt, Roald Dahl and many others. Caroline's love stems from her childhood, as does Andy's. It seems that books begin at an early age and only develops with age.

The love has now spread to helping new authors bring their words to the world and nurturing their dreams and ambitions.

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