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In this 80th anniversary year of the beginning of World War II, it is a poignant reminder that many of the veterans of that campaign would be celebrating their 100th birthday this year. Albert Hearn would have been one of those soldiers.

Born on 10th December 1919, he joined the army on 15th March 1940, no doubt with a view to join the British Expeditionary Force in France. He was still in basic training when germany forced the BEF out of the country and the retreat at Dunkirk put a stop to that particular campaign.

After being on invasion watch in England, Albert found himself on a troop ship to India to join the fighting against a very different enemy in Burma. His war was fought against the Japanese. Often called 'The Forgotten War', Albert weaves a tale that takes you deep into the mind of a British soldier in tropical climes. A surprisingly funny first-hand account in a war that was brutal by nature, this is a book that will open your eyes in a way that you might not expect.

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