Stu Humber

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Don't Fail at Failure

The world’s greatest explorers host such names as Amundsen, Fiennes, Scott and Shackleton, but not all explorers are household names. Some might be seen, by the general public, as barmy. Stuart Humber might fall into that category, but to think of him only as this would be lazy thinking. Stu is an explorer, but more of the soul.

A man with a troubled past, he has found physical expression as his way to escape a life of failure. A life that was heading for the skids. He has pulled it around in spectacular fashion raising thousands of pounds for charity and covering thousands of miles by running and walking challenges that would frighten the average person.

Whether the 383 miles of an Arctic challenge or weekends spent running mountains and pushing himself as hard as he possibly can it makes you wonder where he finds the time and energy to write, but write he does. ‘Don’t Fail At Failure’ is his first book.

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