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Completely Off The Mark

Completely Off The Mark is Will's fourth book that chronicles young Mark Barker's life growing up in Norfolk. This, the latest in the series, is a treat for those that love the early days of the '70s. A mixture of hot pants, flares, disco music and power cuts.

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Off The Mark

In this book we join Mark Barker at the age of sixteen. It is the 1960s and Mark is about to join the ranks of the employed in Norfolk. He is also about to experience life in the presence of girls for the first time. How will he fare? And will his love of soul music help him through some tricky times?

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Further Off The Mark

Mark Barker is now a more confident young man of nineteen years. He is however, keen to gain far more experience with girls. With regards to his career, changes are afoot. Is this a positive step or a disaster?

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Mark's out of Eleven

Here we join Mark Barker in September 1960, feeling most pleased with himself as he has passed the eleven-plus. No mixed comprehensive for him, he is off to Parkside Grammar School for boys. How will he cope with the iron discipline and Mr Tucker, the evil Sports Master? And will his family be able to bear the huge financial burden of having two boys at grammar school?

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Tess of the Dormobiles

In this novel Will takes a break from Mark Barker, and we meet Theresa Finbow . Theresa is an author who has taken a cottage in rural Norfolk to enable her to concentrate on developing her latest character, Tess. However, with the arrival of her estranged husband and coming into contact with some of the rather unusual locals, she finds herself unable to work on her book and heading towards danger.

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