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These books are also in production and will be released in the next few months...

Rick Gannon (yes, they are married) is working on ‘House Arrest’

Rick was a police officer for many years, but one night he had an epiphany. There had to be more than dealing with dead bodies and sad tales. There was and in the past 2 years he has become a very successful property dealer. Can you follow in his footsteps? Of course, but you will also learn some great life lessons along the way as he explains the stories and lessons he learnt whilst in the police force.

Lorraine Gannon is writing ‘Get Your Knickers In Order’

A tale for the modern women finding her way in the world. Can she have the home, the job, the life she leads and not end up in a lunatic asylum in the process? She can if she reads Lorraine’s gameplan and road map.

Roy Bettridge is working on 'The Extreme Wing'

Hafida Latta's book ' A Daughter of Kairouan' is due for publication early Autumn 2017

'The Haunted History of Huntingdonshire' by Mark Egerton is due to be published early autumn 2017

'Too Young for Rock n Roll' by Dave Clemo will be published at the end of October 2017

Andy Gibney's fourth book 'Kicking Below the Waist' is scheduled for an end of September 2017 launch.

Jodine Boothby is working on her book 'Hand to Mouth' and we are hoping to publish in November 2017

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