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Our first book was published in February 2015, the second 6 months later. In that time, and since, our authors are multiplying by the week and at the time of the website launch there are 16 books now in production. These are the books that have been published by April 2017, with a little about each author. It's always nice to know who writes these books.

Andy Gibney

Andy is the co-founder of 3P Publishing and as such was its first published author. The first book in the 3P canon was “How to seduce your wife (or anyone else’s)” published in February 2015. This went on to gain worldwide notoriety appearing in publications as diverse as the ‘Daily Mail’, the ‘Daily Mirror’ and the ‘Times of India’. It is a book that investigates how to make relationships work in a world of smartphones, social media and declining levels of deep communication and romance.

‘The Magic Number’ was published in December 2015 and is aimed at people who want to get more out of life by utilising 90 day plans to grow their business and their life. This is no dry business book though and illustrates the point with 3 stories: the first about Graeme Obree, World Champion cyclist of the 1990’s. the second the story behind the success of ‘Nevermind’, the album by Nirvana and the third the phenomenal success of Elvis Presley in 1956. 'The Magic Number' is a method that has worked for companies like Google, Pixar and Apple and will work for you as well.

Terry Clemson

Known professionally as ‘Terry Gibson’ Terry has been a musician all his life. He was the first of our independent authors and came to me with the manuscript for ‘Sect Appeal’ – his book about the life of the 1960’s R & B band ‘The Downliners Sect’. Not so well-known in the UK (they had one minor top 30 hit), they had a massive following in Scandanvia and were contemporaries of the Rolling Stones, Rod Stewart and The Who. If you enjoyed the film ‘The Commitments’ you will love this book charting the rise and fall of one of the Sixties lesser known stories. Sect Appeal was published in October 2015.

Ian Watts

A retired businessman, Ian now spends up to 6 months a year in China so it comes as no surprise to hear that ‘Careful Drowning’ is about Chinese poetry, but also records his observations of life in China as an Englishman. Think Karl Pilkington meets the South Bank Show. The poetry is translated from the original Chinese into English and retains the flow and beauty of the words. Featuring the poets Li Bai, Wang Wei, Bai Juyi and many others that are well-known to Chinese scholars. The essays on Chinese life reflect the title.

‘Careful Drowning’ comes from a sign that should have said ‘Danger Deep Water’. Still, it’s close enough, isn’t it? ‘Careful Drowning’ was published in March 2015. Which brings us up to date, but really only tells you part of the story. At the launch of this website (April 2015) we currently have 16 more titles in production with all to be published by December.

Malcom Parnell

Malcolm is a retired paramedic, but now has a business teaching first aid in the corporate world. He combines this with a love of painting, as an artist and art teacher. It was an obvious choice that he would use these skills for his first novel, "A Brush With Death." An amusing, entertaining and light hearted thriller that will have you laughing aloud as the hero, Harry, struggles with his life and the realisation that somone is trying to kill him.

Mark Chase

Mark’s novel tells the story of two friends making their way in the music business and reflects just how much trouble you can get into if you upset the wrong person. One friend will hit the highs, the other most definitely the lows. They say that authors write from experience and Mark certainly does. He was the leader of the 90's band World of Leather, who released 2 albums and numerous singles through Sony. They toured extensively in the UK and Europe and sold respectably in Japan & Scandinavia, whilst skilfully avoiding the UK charts.

Gary Fullwood

How do you describe Gary? Dynamic? Animated? Enthusiastic? Passionate? Focussed? He's certainly all of these!

Gary has a highly succesful business and lives his life with a positive "Go get 'em" attitude. It wasn't always like this though, his school days were miserable and he left with no qualifications. His story will inspire and motivate you as he tells you how to overcome obstacles and have fun in life. His passion is infectious. If there is one lesson to be learnt from this entertaining book it's that anything is possible if you have focus and a plan.

Gary Jeffrey

Van Gogh did indeed die broke, but if you are an artist you don't have to follow his path. Gary, has been in the printing industry for many years and has a vast wealth of knowledge. He can help you turn your beautiful, original art into stunning Giclee prints. This informative book covers all stages of the process jargon free and is written in an easy to read, informal manner. Gary also includes  marketing information to  help you sell your impressive work.

Eddie Rodwell

Does a business book have to be dull? Of course not and this debut book from Eddie proves that point. Eddie has a fasciating background, from being abandoned as a small child in Ireland, to becoming a respected stage magician and hypnotist before starting a succesful career in selling. He now runs his own flourishing business. Full of practical advice this is a book that can help you even if you are deciding about your future and whether you want to run your own business.  He will guide you through the tricky process of starting and running your own business or helping you to grow your existing business. 

Anthony Pillage

How would you react if you were told that you have six months to live? Anthony Pillage's reaction was to give "Bob," the massive tumour in his chest, an almighty kicking (well he is a martial arts expert), This is Anthony's story of how he coped with the harrowing treatment and all the emotional baggage that goes with such a devastating diagnosis. Told mainly through social media posts, this account of his journey is forthright, truthful and at times vicious and rude. An unforgettable read.


Steve Clarke

Steve left school at sixteen with no career path or opportunities ahead of him. So how did his last business grow, in eight years, to one with annual revenues of over £30 million? In his book Steve imparts his knowledge of all things business, ranging from "selling without being salesy" to "learning from an Athens taxi driver to boost your profits." Sometimes irreverant, straight-talking, with a mix of personal insights and scientific study this is a book for someone looking to significantly grow their business.

Lucci Del Gaudio and Dan Holloway

Andy Gibney

Rob Reeves

Malcolm Parnell

'A Fool And His Money' is Malcolm's second novel and is the follow up to 'A Brush With Death.' Our hero, Harry Chase, is back in the mire again, having been called upon to help his best friend Tony, who has found himself in the middle of a blackmailing scam. Can Harry and his trusty band of hapless warriors save Tony from being exposed in a most unfortunate manner?

An extremely enjoyable and amusing read.

Graham Wendes

This novel focuses on Sam, a children's entertainer at a holiday camp. This is a 'Great Expectations' for modern times. Can positivity overcome self-abuse and can the support of good people help even the most pessimistic people succeed?

Roy Bettridge

Morley, a small seaside town on the east coast is home to the Drake family. Jack Drake is a hardworking, conscientious man who cares deeply for his family and his home town. When he begins to realise that something strange is happening to the weather and tides around Morley, he comes up against a wall of disbelief and bureaucracy as he races against time to protect his beloved family. friends, neighbours and town from impending disaster.

A tale of perseverance, bravery and selflessness.

Dennis Binks

Heaven's Messenger is an autobiography. Dennis Binks takes us on a journey through his life, from his childhood growing up in Liverpool, his experiences in the army, and his life as a civilian. However, what makes this book different is Dennis' gradual realisation that he has inherited his grandmother's Clairvoyant and Psychic abilities. What impact will this have on Dennis and those around him? And when tragedy strikes the family will it be a hindrance or a source of comfort?

An emotional and, ultimately, uplifting read.

Liz Carr & Brenda Easton with St Andrew's School

This little book is the result of a collaboration between the children of St Andrew's School, Kettering and Liz Carr and Brenda Easton who work for 'Inspiring Neighbourhoods' in Corby. This is an organisation that works creatively with local people to help them achieve ambitions and visions for their neighbourhood. It was written as part of the 'Little Ambassadors' project' to help pupils contribute to making improvements for their school and community. It tells the story of ten-year old Stanley who awakes to find himself in a very different time. Why is everyone dressed strangely? Why do things look familiar but also completely different? And what had happened to his home and family?

Stanley has the questions, but, does Granny have the answers?

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