There are many ways to get a book published

These are some of those ways. Traditional publishing – this is the route that most people think they have to go through to get their book published. You either put the manuscript in the post and send it to a publisher unsolicited or to a literary agent who would present it for you. This does, of course, leave you at the mercy of rejection letters and even the best of the best get them. JK Rowling recently released two of her letters for the Robert Gilbraith books and the first Harry Potter was rejected about a dozen times. Even Booker Prize winning author Marlon James had his book ‘A brief history of seven killings’ rejected 72 times!

There are ups, there are downs

The strength of this is that you will get distribution in shops and the weight of the company’s marketing department. You may also get an advance (JK Rowling got £2500 for the first Harry Potter) and a percentage of the book sales. This is also the downside. Some authors get as little as 30p a book; if you get lucky like EL James then you become a millionaire. Most authors do not get lucky and make very little from their book. Traditional publishers are people like Harper Collins, Bloomsbury, Penguin and Random House.

Self-publishing – it is what it says.

Self-publishing used to be looked down upon but these days standards are much higher and the books published would be hard to tell from a traditional publisher. It is interesting to note that Alfred Wainwright (the author of over 40 books and expert on the Lake District) self-published the first of his pictorial guides as he had no faith in traditional publishers understanding his work. They have gone on to sell more than a million copies; he did this in 1953 so self-publishing has been around for a long time. Others who first self-published before going onto greater fame: Beatrix Potter, EL James, John Grisham, Charles Dickens and James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy). All of these authors self-published and were later picked up by traditional publishers based on their following and sales. As you can imagine you can strike a better bargain in this situation as well.

We help you self-publish. What does that mean?

It means that we can help you to turn that manuscript into a paperback and ebook that sells around the world. Other questions you may have are listed below:

  • How do I get my book printed?
  • How do I get my book on Kindle?
  • What is an ISBN and where do I get them from?
  • How do I get a barcode printed?
  • What size should my book be?
  • How many should I get printed on a first run?
  • Should I get it printed at all or just make it an ebook?
  • How do you get your book on Amazon?
  • How can I get a cover done?
  • How do I build an audience?
  • Who is going to read this?
  • What price should my book be?
  • Have I written enough words?
  • How many pages will 63,000 words be?

Here’s the good news. We can answer all of these for you. You write the book and we take care of the layout, the editing, the cover, the ISBN, the barcode and converting it to ebook format so you can sell it not just on Amazon, but also on Barnes & Noble and any other ebook reader.

You might be thinking, but all of this is going to cost a fortune, but here is your final bit of good news. It’s a lot more affordable than you think. We have 2 packages and 3 ways to pay. They are all outlined below.

Option 1 is an investment of £1600. This includes 100 paperback books, two ISBN numbers (for paperback and ebook) and a bar code. The ebook is in formats for Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble and iTunes. The price also includes the cover design.

Option 2 is an investment of £2775 and includes all of the above plus editing, proof-reading and the layout of the book.

If you would like more paperback copies of your book that is also available – some people have chosen to have up to 1000. Reprints and more than 100 copies are £475 per hundred copies, although this can vary with colour photographs and number of pages.

Should you wish to work with us there are three ways to pay. Either all up front or 50% in advance and 50% when the book goes to print. In addition, we also offer an 8 month payment plan for both options.

If you were to hand over all the post writing process to us at 3P you could expect to have your 100 copies, and selling books on Kindle, approximately 16 weeks after we have the manuscript (this includes proof-reading, editing and layout time).

All manuscripts have to be delivered to us in Word format. If you produce your book in Open Office or any other Apple formats please save to Word first.

One more thing.

What if you have an idea for a book, but you can’t or don’t want to write it? We can help with that too with our team of ghost writers. If you have the idea and an outline we can still produce a book for you. This cost is normally around £990, again this can vary dependent upon the number of words and colour photography.

You’re bound to have questions so please give us a call on 01536 560410 or email us at