What do we do?

We will take your manuscript and turn it into a book. You may have a novel or a non-fiction book. It may be text only or have photographs. We take care of everything. That includes cover design, editing, proof-reading, issuing you with ISBNs, doing all the metadata for you and supplying the book to the British Library. All books have to go there by law.

What's metadata? It's all the technical details of the book that we supply to Nielsen who then store that information so that bookshops can order your book.

You might have a cover idea or a cover already. We'll make sure it's book ready. You might not need your book editing or proof-read. We can cope with that too.

3P Publishing is about making your journey from writer to author as painless as possible.

What does it cost and how long does it take?

Our prices are displayed at the bottom of this page. We make that as simple as possible as well. You have only two options, although marketing can come into the equation as well. Please see the marketing page.

As for how long does it take to produce your book? That depends somewhat on how well-prepared the manuscript is when you bring it to us, however, the normal gestation is three to four months. That also allows for a marketing plan to be in place either by yourself or by us, if you'd like that help.

What will my book look like?

You may have noticed that books don't have a standard size. They seems to come in all shapes and sizes. We have found that it depends on the content. Novels tend to be about the same size as a Harry Potter book. If it is non-fiction and has photographs or illustrations then we normally go for A5 size.

We have published larger books and smaller ones as well. Ultimately you will decide on the size, working in conjunction with us.

Where are we?

We are based five miles from Corby, Northamptonshire in the rolling hills of Middle England. You don't have to come and see us, but we love to meet our authors. If you are reading this overseas then we can use technology to bring us together and we've published books by authors in Europe. We can also help American and Asian authors as well.

We appreciate that you are just learning about us, so please take time to watch our author video testimonials.

If you are now intrigued by us, and we hope you are, call Andy Gibney on 01536 560410 or email him at to make that initial contact.

If you come with us, we'll make you immortal.

We're sure you'll have a lot more questions and we think we'll have answered those in the Knowledge Centre, so please have a look there. There are articles and videos which should help you.

Option 1 - £1900

- 100* paperback books

- Two ISBN numbers (for paperback and ebook)

- A bar code

- Cover design with barcode

- Ebook (MOBI and EPUB versions)

- Metadata to Nielsen (this allows your book to be ordered from bookshops)

- Supply your book to the British Library (legal requirement)

- Layout of the book

Option 2 - £3125

Includes all of option 1 plus:

- Editing

- Proof-reading

- Amazon setup (ebook, paperback and keywords)

*more than 100 copies are optional. You can order as many as you want - although this will incur additional cost

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