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How to start a publishing company with Caroline Snelling

Published: 18 March 2020

Books have to be published by someone and it's often not one of the big five. So how do you do it? Here Caroline Snelling, one of the partners of 3P Publishing, talks us through the process of how to start a company. It's not all success, but there's a lot of fun to be had on the way as well.

How to be an author with Sue Moorcroft

Published: 12 March 2020

Sue Moorcroft is an award-winning, bestselling author published by Harper Collins. She has written 17 books, being first published in 2005. In this episode she talks about the discipline of being a writer, how she became published, the excitement of seeing her books in bookshops and winning awards. It's a real look inside the art of being a published author.

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